Honored to have two 'Student Notable' from Core77 Design Awards!

Core77 Design Awards has been recently announced and I am excited that two of my products have been honored with 'Student Notable'. 

Here is the links:


Spinute is a mobile app that saves you minutes and quarters at the laundromat. Initially created for workers of minimum wage, Spinute is an app that has wide appeal to everyone. With features such as a live schedule, on demand booking and a unique washer to dryer service, Spinute changes the laundromat game.  / Designed with Louise-Anne van't Riet and Tahnee Pantig



Ditto is a simple small device paired with your phone to keep your loved ones physically with you all the time. This creates distraction less and direct communication link to the people you care the most about. The Device comes in three pairing options. A coupling device called Uno, a three-person link called Tres and a four-way device called Cuatro. This device is especially important by creating priority between communication, where the cell phone lack the specific direct link. / Designed with Chelsea Stewart and Shixiao Wang.



An early storyboard of a public intervention for NYC

Here is an early storyboard of a public intervention in NYC. The project was lead by Sigi Moeslinger and Masamichi Udagawa of Antenna Design. The aim was to create an intervention in public space that encourages people to more physically active and lead healthier lifestyles. As team we investigated both physical and mental health since they are both connected with each other.  

This was a team project. I will share the final design and details in upcoming days!

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